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9 signs that you can trust your partner

All of us at least once in our life have forgotten to fulfill someone else’s request or come home later than promised. But this does not always mean that you cannot rely on us. Do you trust your partner Here are some tips to rely on before making judgments?

Trust in a couple is not only confidence that a partner will not cheat on you. It is also important whether he respects your agreements regarding money, the distribution of household chores, watching adult films, and drinking alcohol and other substances …

And trust is the realization that you are comfortable and safe with him physically, emotionally, and sexually. And the belief that he will not let you down – neither by accident nor even deliberately. And while, according to Hemingway, “the best way to trust a person is to trust only him,” here are some signs that you should pay attention to.

A partner you trust does not try to control who you hang out with and what you do in your free time

1. He asks you what’s going on with you and talks about himself.

A trustworthy partner does not expect you to learn to read his thoughts and share what is on his mind with you, even if he finds it difficult to talk about his feelings. He does his best to be constantly informed about what is happening to you.

2. He gives you his phone without any problems

For example, you check the route while driving it. He has absolutely nothing to hide. And the fact that you will see who writes to him and what is not a problem for him.

3. It gives you the freedom to be yourself.

A reliable partner does not try to control who you hang out with and what you do in your free time. With him, you can calmly and without embarrassment share your worries, knowing that you will be listened to without judgment, consoling, and support. Such a person does not criticize and does not ridicule. He loves you and accepts you for being you.

4. He cares about you and your self-esteem and tries to preserve them

For example, if you are not very happy with your body and feel embarrassed during intimacy, turn off the lights and try not to change clothes in front of your partner, he will do his best to carefully and tactfully assure you that there is nothing to do. Sorry, you’re beautiful.

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